Bridging and revealing deeper truths

A Skill Building Course for those daring to change the socio-ecological imagination

Due to the popularity and positive response from our previous participants, we are now offering 1st cohort in June. The first 3 cohorts will be done by July

Cohort 1


Mondays, 12 pm to 1:15 pm ET

September 12

September 19

September 26

Final Session (Optional)

October 17, Tuesday, 12 pm to 1:15 pm ET

Too often, land acknowledgments become performative.

Hasty and awkward, they don't actually provide avenues to say hello to the land we are on, respect the dis-membered past, or begin the art of repair.

But much more is possible.

Land Acknowledgements CAN be openings into a different

social-ecological imagination:

a different way of relating

To land and its history

To one another

To ourselves

Join our short course to strengthen your skills in:

The Art of Bridging:

Connect the land acknowledgment to the land itself and your organization/community.

Shift the collective imagination and knowings around place.

Revealing, Storytelling, and Appropriate Rituals:

What can be revealed? Bring in and share different stories. Share and grow your concrete options to enhance the ritual of land acknowledgment for different groups.

Strengthening Actions

Creating relationships, actions, and processes orientated toward repair

If you are a

leader, facilitator, practitioner, or storyteller

already using land acknowledgments,

and you want to turn them into active,

powerful, and meaningful aspect of your work in the world,


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Yes We Can



Bridge. Reveal. Deepen the possibilities of Land Acknowledgements

A Skill Building Course

For the Courageous and the Curious

3 consecutive weeks starting in September PLUS one (optional) 'so what happened' session a month later, in October

75 minutes/online group class

Bring your examples, challenges, and ideas to the course... this course is about strengthening your capacity to create change

Powerful, honest cross-cultural conversation and innovation


If you loved the booklet, this is a great course for you. We are focusing on a part of land acknowledgments that most people don't get into: Bridging.

In the connective tissue is where meaning can be made, and something new begins to grow.


Kristine and Sara Jolena have co-taught several courses together. Participants love learning from them. Again and again, participants, who are themselves often facilitators, say that there is a magic in their co-teaching style and approach.

Every time I listen to the stories I'm moved to tears. Something is these teaching is really shaking me awake. I absolutely love y'allz teaching style, it feels very safe and contained yet spacious. Love hearing the dialog between the two of you. The time you both talked about "chanting " is now my blueprint for how to talk to my loved ones about difficult things.

Kasi Chakravartula

Sara Jolena and Krissy are each on their own remarkable wisdom keepers from their respective people and places, and it is indeed something special that emerges from their shared gifts. It is no doubt the kind of medicine all of our ancestors prayed we would have in a time like this.

Seth Weiner

Every time I spend time with Krissy and Sara, I get this little tidbit that opens these little portals into a different understanding of the world, a way of thinking differently…the bigness of which is frightening and hopeful all at the same time. it must be good because I keep coming back for more.

Participant in Circular Time

Meet your guides:

Rev Sara Jolena Wolcott

Sara Jolena Wolcott, M.Div., is a healer, legacy advisor, eco-theologian and unconventional minister who works at the intersections of climate change, spirituality, decolonization, and cultural innovation. She leads Sequoia Samanvaya, and continues (and works to repair) ancestral conversations with members of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

Kristine Marie Hill

Kristine Hill is a member of the Beaver Clan, Tuscarora Nation, Haudenosaunee confederacy. After serving as an educator and administrator on the Tuscarora reservation for 20 years, she now serves as an indigenous peacekeeper and restorative practitioner with national and international religious, educational, and corporate institutions. She is the proud mother of four adult children and a grandson.